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A new web site for the EAFS “the SAFE consortium”

The current SAFE consortium web site is now outdated and does not meet the demands of the new EAFS with over ten members now and probably growing to a membership of 20 to 25 in the nest few years. A complete new web site will be developed and it will give information on the activities of the SAFE consortium, topical subjects on food safety, news on food quality and safety programmes and calls within the Framework Programmes of the EU, EFSA news topics etc. The web site will be linked to other web sites, organisations, programmes or projects that give relevant information. The web-site will have a members-only part protected by pass-word giving access to announcements and agenda’s of meetings as well as the minutes afterwards. Furthermore, initiatives for projects, drafts for project proposals, calls for internal co-operations, internal information on seminars etc. will be found here. This part of the web site will replace SAFE info mails like the one you are reading now as well as a lot of e-mail traffic from the Brussels Office. The web site will be updated on a weekly basis from the Office.

A secretary for the SAFE Office in Brussels

The Brussels SAFE Office has a secretary since March 1st. Here name is Ritalee Birabwa. Ritalee is Belgian, fluent in English as well as in French and just a little less fluent in Dutch. She will be present in the Office from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day Brussels time, so please use these hours for your interactions with the Office. Ritalee will perform all the usual secretarial activities + the day to day financial handlings as well as the updating of the web site.



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