European Association for Food Safety, EAFS

The mission of the EAFS, the SAFE consortium is to stimulate the public debate in Europe on the scientific aspects of food safety, by making available up-to-date knowledge from institutes whose scientific integrity is guaranteed by the unlimited right to publish in the public interest. Its member organisations work together developing and promoting interdisciplinary research projects and partnerships. This requires a strategic assessment of research trends in food safety and a high degree of interaction with European Commission and its institutions.

The main tasks for the EAFS (SAFE consortium) will be:

  1. Participate in the public debate on food safety issues. This will be done by participating in congresses, conferences, workshops and alike on behalf of the EAFS, by organising conferences, seminars and workshops following the FOSARE seminar series and by other activities like communications on the web site or in print.

  2. Be the independent spokesman on behalf of the member institutes concerning view points in the food safety arena. Focus will be on issues that concern industrial as well as governmental actors in the food chain and its management.

  3. Facilitate activities of its members institutes in the acquisition of multi-partner projects in the Framework Programmes, in the ERA and for the EFSA, by:

  • Providing information about programmes and opportunities,

  • Identifying and initiating new research and or funding possibilities and

  • Initiating project ideas

  • Providing assistance in partner search, in the organisation of the projects and in writing management paragraphs,

  • Organising seminars and workshops on topical subjects in food safety

  • Organising a bi-annual International Congress on (topical issues in) Food Safety



Member institutes:


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